Cheveux Merveilleux - Hair treated with Unconditional Love
About Cheveux Merveilleux(Beautiful Hair)

Cette société est fondée sur la conviction que chacun a de beaux cheveux. Les besoins des clients sont de la plus grande importance.Meeting ces besoins sont d'une importance capitale. En conséquence, un pourcentage élevé de notre activité vient de clients réguliers et d'aiguillage.
 Bienvenue la possibilité de gagner votre confiance et vous offrir le meilleur service dans l'industrie.

 Is a Professor of Natural hair, and a Licensed Cosmetologist  for over 13 years. She loves helping out in her Community. She can be seen on the runways as an international model. She has toured with Ebony Fashion fair and NY Fashion Week.Nefertiti also has a portfolio of print work from Ebony,Jet, Bridesnoire,Spell etc. Magazines. All the while still being a Radio Personality since 2003.
 "God definitely opened these doors for me, and there are more to come." One of he greatest joys is giving back and helping others. " I love supporting Positive People, Music and Causes." " I've been blessed with a lot of different talents and given a voice for a reason. God gives us our gifts to help others not just ourselves."  " Stay humble in all that you do." "Love is My focus." .
 Available for House Warmings/Salons/Continuing Education Hours/ Classes for Miracle Line product. First 10 people to sign up will get their hair done free. (Please go to contact page to make your request known)