Cheveux Merveilleux - Hair treated with Unconditional Love
The Before Shot

Before shot
(No relaxer )
15 oz Miracle Shampoo Body Wash
6oz  Miracle Shampoo Body Wash
Miracle Deep Conditioner
Miracle Glosser
Miracle Hair & Body Butter
Vitamin E Shampoo Body Wash
All Products are hand made and 100% natural
Made from 100% Shea Butter,  OilveOil,Cocnut Oil, Jajoba Oil, Peppermint
                                                                                       How to use Miracle Shampoo Body Wash
The After Shot
As body wash. Wash as usual and be careful around sensitive areas such as the vaginal and pelvic area. The pepermint gives a cooling effect.
Wash and Rise Thouroughly with water Comb hair out with wide tooth Comb.
Blowdry or stlye as usual
The Before ShotYou will not need to add any oil. Your hair will have a natural shine.
The After ShotIf you want Extra Shine use the Miracle Glosser
If you need to moisturize your scalp use the Hair &  Body Butter.
I recommend not using any other product especially if it is not 100% Natural.
Most Shampoos and Conditioners that are not 100% Natural have Chemicals in them such as
Phenols that cause a bad reaction to skin and even Cancer.
The Skin reactions to chemicals may look like emphazima but it actually isn't it is your body letting you know that it is sensitive to those chemicals.
For my Clients I have notice a 100% reduction rate in flaking of the scalp.
Their hair grows thicker and is also softer.
Inculding mine because yes I use my own product.
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Cheveux Merveilleux Intro
CEO Nefertiti Byrd giving step by step directions on how to use her product
The Miracle line is Awesome especially for pregnant women and if you are trying to get away from chemicals and be healthier.

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Nefertiti Shampooing
CEO Nefertiti Byrd shows you step by step how to use her product.
La mayoría de los champús y acondicionadores que no son 100% naturales tienen productos químicos en ellos como
después de
Fenoles que causan una reacción negativa a la piel e incluso cáncer.
Las reacciones de la piel a sustancias químicas puede parecer emphazima pero en realidad no es que es su cuerpo que le permite saber que es sensible a esas sustancias.
Para que mis clientes me han notificado una tasa de reducción del 100% en la descamación del cuero cabelludo.
Su cabello crece más grueso y es también más suave.
Inculding mío, porque si yo uso mi propio producto.
La línea de Milagro es impresionante, especialmente para las mujeres embarazadas y si usted está tratando de alejarse de los productos químicos y ser más saludables.

La plupart des shampoings et des revitalisants qui ne sont pas 100% naturelles ont en eux les produits chimiques tels que

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Nefertiti After Rinsing
Nefertiti After Rinsing her hair, explains the next steps to using product
Phénols qui causent une mauvaise réaction à la peau et même le cancer.
Les réactions cutanées aux produits chimiques peut ressembler emphazima mais il n'est pas réellement c'est votre corps qui vous permet de savoir qu'il est sensible à ces substances.
Pour mes clients, j'ai un avis un taux de réduction de 100% dans desquamation du cuir chevelu.
Leurs cheveux s'épaissit et est également plus douce.
Inculding mienne parce que oui je utiliser mon propre produit.
La ligne Miracle est impressionnant surtout pour les femmes enceintes et si vous essayez de sortir de produits chimiques et être en meilleure santé
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Nefertiti Deep Conditioning
Nefertiti is Deep Conditioning her hair. Deep conditioning gives your hair that extra shine. Every two weeks is good. Once a week if you have really damaged hair.