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Going Natural Made Easy

Going Natural Made Easy!

Express how you feel!

The first step to going natural is accepting you:-)

There is no need to start this process if you are not open to change.

The second pick out a hairstyle that is flattering for you

Third find a natural product that works for you

Give yourself time to adjust and embrace your new look

Share your personal story and your journey :-)

Deep Conitioning Made Easy

Natural Deep Conditioner

It is time to get back to the natural order of things.

Are you ready for a real positive change in your hair?

1st step get rid of any product you have with Chemicals in it.

Starting with shampoo and conditioners

2nd step put generous amount of 100% natural deep conditioner on scalp and hair

3rd step take 30mins to sit underneath a hood dryer or leave deep conditioner on with cap

The benefits of going 100% natural:

As a former user of those chemical beauty products.  The differences I have seen in my hair from switching from chemical to natural is:

Loving Your Hair

Do you adore your Hair?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you feel about your hair?
Are you happy with your look?

Now look at all the ingredients in  all of your hair and skin products?
What side effects do those ingredients have?

Now ask yourself if you are ready for a change?

Join the change movement and write about your progress, as we journey together.

Cheveux Merveilleux is for all hair textures no matter your backround and is 100% natural.

Natural IS Awesome

Why Going Natural is not just good for your hair.
When we open up to our true selves, and understand our origins we can begin again.
Your skin is one of the largest organs of the body. Whatever is absorbed by your skin and scalp will go in your body.
Test: Look at the label on your food, Then look up each ingredient, Then look up the side effects of that ingredient(if any).
This applies to anything put on your body. You may not see the effects until later, unless you change . 

Beautiful Hair

Everyone Has Beautiful Hair.
Share your thoughts